A Local’s Guide to Moving to Nashville, TN

Hot chicken, live music, and no state income tax — could it possibly get any better? When it comes to Nashville, TN, the answer is, “oh, it definitely does.” After all, there are plenty of reasons why this city is exploding with growth and culture. Learn more about what’s attracting people to move to Nashville, […]

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Bye, Bugs! How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths Forever

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How Far in Advance Should You Search for a New Apartment?

The apartment rental market can move fast — sometimes too fast! Many folks on the brink of moving often wonder, “how long does it take to get an apartment?” It depends on where you live and what kind of apartment you’re searching for! The following guidelines can help your search for a new apartment go … Continue reading

Ways to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Otherwise Clean Apartment

When you moved in, everything seemed pristine. The tiles? Gleaming. The stovetop? Spotless. The carpet? Brand new! However, you quickly started finding roaches hidden in cracks, crevices, and cupboards after your move. You’re likely wondering, “Why do I have roaches in my clean apartment?” These pesky creatures are not only terrifying (they can fly!), they … Continue reading

5 Ways to Deal With a Messy Roommate

If dishes are piling up in the sink and you’re having to step over piles of clothes that aren’t yours, it might be time to have an intervention with your messy roommate. We know these situations can sometimes get uncomfortable, which is why we’ve rounded up the best tips for dealing with your roommate so … Continue reading

4 Safety Tips When Searching for a New Roommate

Moving can be an exciting process! This is especially true if you’re looking forward to meeting new people and making new connections. To ensure a purely positive experience, we suggest erring on the side of safety when choosing a potential cohabitor. Before you split your bills with just anyone, do your due diligence when learning … Continue reading

What Belongs in Your Apartment Waste Bin (And What Doesn’t)

Recycling, valet trash, dumpsters, and garbage chutes. There are many ways to get rid of waste at your apartment — but what kind of waste belongs where? Learn the do’s and don’ts of throwing away your garbage when living in an apartment! Valet Trash What doesn’t belong in valet trash: loose trash, single-bagged pet waste, … Continue reading

Top Neighborhoods to Live in Chicago

The Windy City has much to offer to new residents: unbelievable food, Major League sports teams, world-class art, beautiful parks, and more! If you’ve been thinking about moving to Chicago, find the perfect neighborhood for you with this detailed city guide. Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Singles Wrigleyville (On the Red Line; on the Metra Line) … Continue reading

5 Creative Ways to Store Your Bike in an Apartment

Your road bike is your life — but it takes up all the room in your apartment. It’s time to give your bike a home of its own! Here are some creative storage ideas to keep your bike out of your way, but in arms-reach when you need to go for a ride. 1. Hang … Continue reading

How to Install String Lights on Your Patio

Make those warm summer evenings on the patio with friends even cozier with the right lighting. String lights can make your apartment balcony or patio dreamy, but do you know how to hang up outdoor string lights without damaging the walls? It can be challenging! Before you start, you’ll need to do a little research. … Continue reading