Which States Have the Lowest Cost of Living for Renters

Is one of your goals this year to finally get your budget under control? You have plenty of company. After all, that’s one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions! One way you can achieve your goal is to start with a plan for budgeting for your first apartment. Another cost-cutting hack is to move […]

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Why Is My Sewer Bill So High?

Flushing your toilet might not be something you think about twice. In fact, it’s a good habit to be in. But then you get last month’s sewer and water bill and suddenly every flush sounds like money going right down the drain! Sure, you might have drunk more water than usual last month. But that … Continue reading

The Best U.S.Cities for Dating

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Should You Rent from a Private Landlord?

“For rent by owner,” reads the sign. You know what it means, but do you really understand what renting from a private landlord entails? Check out the pros and cons of renting from a property owner instead of a management company to figure out if a “for rent by owner” apartment is right for you. … Continue reading

Must-Have BBQ Tools for Your Apartment Grill

Afraid that apartment living may cool down your flaming-hot BBQ passion? Worry no more. We have the tools and tips you need to get chillin’ and grillin’ wherever you are! BBQ Tool: One Spatula to Rule Them All You’ll flip over the Mercer’s Hell Handle Larger Fish Turner spatula. Don’t let the name fool you: … Continue reading

Millennials and Boomers: The Best of unlikely friends

My daughter sat down next to me and looked like she had something serious to say. “Mom you don’t look as old as grandma did to me when she was your age.” At first, I thought that this was a compliment, but after a moment of reflection, I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment, … Continue reading


We are made of tough stuff. Now more than ever before, we need to know that we will make it through this unprecedented COVID-19 global health emergency. As an industry multifamily will remain a strong player in the US economy. But what will be the impact of this national health crisis for apartment housing? As … Continue reading


It looks as though social distancing will no longer be the new norm, but the way that we will now be living our lives. It was only 2 months ago that we had never heard of PPE, unless we worked in healthcare or unless you were a scientist, flattening the curve was about weigh loss. … Continue reading


Is there a bright side to the global Covid-19 pandemic? Should we even think about looking for a bright side? The answer is absolutely “yes”. The downside of this situation can feel overwhelming and desperately sad. There is no shortage of bad news, but there are many reasons and benefits to remaining hopeful now and … Continue reading


Have you ever met a real live hero? When we were children, our heroes were larger than life. Take Superman for instance a fictional character created in 1938 with Action Comics. He had the following powers: superhuman strength, agility, heat vision, X-ray vision, superhuman breath that could freeze things or blow like the wind. Best … Continue reading