My Apartment Air Conditioning is Not Cooling, Now What?

Only a few degrees separate sunny and happy from hot and miserable. Apartment air conditioning problems can close that gap quickly! If you’re dealing with an apartment air conditioner that’s not cooling, don’t sweat it! Follow these simple steps to cooler air. Step 1: Confirm the Problem To stay ahead of the heat at certain […]

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Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips for Apartment Renters

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Which States Have the Lowest Cost of Living for Renters

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Why Is My Sewer Bill So High?

Flushing your toilet might not be something you think about twice. In fact, it’s a good habit to be in. But then you get last month’s sewer and water bill and suddenly every flush sounds like money going right down the drain! Sure, you might have drunk more water than usual last month. But that … Continue reading

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Must-Have BBQ Tools for Your Apartment Grill

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My daughter sat down next to me and looked like she had something serious to say. “Mom you don’t look as old as grandma did to me when she was your age.” At first, I thought that this was a compliment, but after a moment of reflection, I wasn’t sure if it was a compliment, … Continue reading


We are made of tough stuff. Now more than ever before, we need to know that we will make it through this unprecedented COVID-19 global health emergency. As an industry multifamily will remain a strong player in the US economy. But what will be the impact of this national health crisis for apartment housing? As … Continue reading