5 Pinterest Ideas to Ditch that Ugly Dog Crate

Dog crates are quite honestly an eyesore and can put a damper on any polished room. From metal and dark bars to the large sizes, your dog’s crate is far cry from being an appealing piece.

But don’t fret!

Whether you want to get rid of the dog crate altogether or transform it into something more practical, there are many ways to keep you and your pupper happy. Keep reading to discover how you can ditch your dog’s ugly crate forever!

1. Crate table

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If you absolutely need a crate for your dog as you run errands or entertain guests, transform the ugly object into a functional piece of furniture. Using wood and a tabletop of your choice, build a side table around the crate to conceal the metal bars.

If you need inspiration on how to create a table for your space using a dog crate, consult hobby sites and blogs for great insights. Once you determine and execute a design, your dog’s once obnoxious crate will be transformed into a beautiful piece of furniture that you’ll use on a daily basis. There are numerous pet decor and design solutions to choose from.

2. Under-the-stairs room

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You know that little space under your stairs that’s a nuisance because you have no idea what to store there? Well, the answer is simple: Your dog. This small room is the perfect location for your furry friend to curl up and have some alone time.

If your under-the-stairs room has a door, be sure to replace it with either a half door or sturdy baby gate to enclose your pup when you have guests over or you leave to run errands. Complete your dog’s new oasis with a comfortable dog bed, toys and of course treats. Not only will this limit the use of an ugly crate, but your dog’s belongings will be stored in one place that’s convenient for you.

3. Convert your coat closet

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If you’re lucky, your apartment offers the luxury of a walk-in closet in the floor plan. Whether you live on your own or with your significant other, hopefully, there’s plenty of space to store your coats and clothes in another closet.

If that’s the case, then transform your closet into a room just for your dog. Replace the door with a small child’s gate and make use of any shelves to store your furry friend’s food, toys, leash and other accessories. Their new room wouldn’t be complete without a soft bed and their food and water bowls.

4. Crate blinds or curtains

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If you’re feeling uncreative but are in desperate need of concealing your dog’s crate, hide it with crate blinds. Online boutiques such as Etsy, Chewy and Wayfair offer many curtains in different colors and patterns. Choose a design that matches your room or living space’s décor, so the crate won’t continue to stand out like a sore thumb. This is a simple and cost-efficient way to ditch the unappealing look of your pet’s crate.

5. Build a fence

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A unique way to ditch your dog’s ugly crate is to make your own! Get creative and use small fence panels to build in a confined space for your furry friend. Be sure to build it tall enough so your dog can’t escape.

Once your new fence crate is completed, choose to paint the new bed frame a color that will blend in nicely to your space. The newly fenced-in crate will give your living space a rustic feel without being an eyesore each time you walk into your home.

As a dog owner, you have to make compromises but displaying an unattractive crate shouldn’t be one of them. There are many ways to conceal your dog’s crate, whether it’s in use or not. These five creative ways are an excellent starting point to ditch your ugly dog crate. Tap into your creativity and choose an option that works best for you and your furry friend.

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