5 Reasons to Choose a Furnished Apartment

Furnished or unfurnished: that is the question. Should you look for an unfurnished place, or make your life easier with a turnkey furnished apartment? We asked CORT Account Executive Amanda Gage about her experience as a leasing agent and what it was like working with residents looking for furnished apartments, ​​“When I was in leasing, it was always a pleasure for me to help out residents with a furnished apartment. I found that the residents always appreciated that I had that aspect of their new home figured out for them. I felt like it created a closer connection with them and they were happier to call their new apartment their home. They viewed it as a great service that we could help them with and usually moved faster with the application process because they had their furniture figured out as well and could move into their new home and have it be a seamless process.”

If you’re wondering which way to go with your next home, read on for the perks of renting furnished apartments vs. unfurnished ones.

What Is a Furnished Apartment? 

Simply put, a furnished apartment is one that has all the furniture and appliances you need to live there. What is included in a furnished apartment? Well, that depends on where you’re looking and who is managing the property. Most furnished apartments include kitchen appliances, a couch, coffee table, dining table and chairs, and beds. Some luxury furnished apartments may include other items, like wall art, rugs, and even linens. If you’re considering renting a furnished apartment, always ask plenty of questions before you sign a lease— you want to know exactly what is and isn’t included. 

5 Reasons to Choose a Furnished Apartment 

1. You don’t have to be stuck with furniture you no longer love. 

When you choose a furnished apartment, you don’t have to own any furniture already (or buy it new, which we’ll get to in a moment!). When asked, Melissa Norton, CORT Account Executive shared a common obstacle her renters faced during her on-site team experience,  “it was pretty common for my renters to have furniture for a home, not for an apartment. This furniture would be oversized or too large for the space they were moving into.” 

With an already furnished apartment, you know what that means? You’re not stuck with furniture pieces you don’t like or need in a few years, because you never had to buy them in the first place.

2. Moving is a breeze. 

Renting a truck? Paying a moving company? No thanks. When you choose a furnished apartment, you don’t have to move (or store) any heavy or bulky furniture items. Trying to maneuver that recliner around a tight staircase or strategically cram a dining room table and chairs into a truck bed… those are things of the past. 

3. Your budget doesn’t take a hit from expensive furniture purchases. 

Purchasing furniture requires some financial planning. And let’s be honest—watching that big purchase hit your bank account can feel like a major gut punch. When you rent a furnished apartment, the financial worry of dropping big sums of money doesn’t have to be on your radar at all. 

4. You’re not affected by infamous furniture delays. 

We’ve all heard the stories: if you want a couch now, you should’ve ordered it six months ago.  Or worse, you can’t even get a couch you like, because the materials for it are no longer available. Ugh! When you rent a furnished apartment, though, supply chain problems, delivery delays, and missed deadlines don’t affect you. Everything you need is already right there, waiting for you. All that’s left to do is relax in your new home.

5. You enjoy maximum convenience and flexibility. 

When you rent an unfurnished apartment and add furniture rental from CORT, any apartment can be a furnished apartment. “When I was on-site, I would recommend renting furniture so my renters could have flexibility” added Melissa. “There was also the convenience of working with CORT.  The options are flexible and renters don’t have to do anything because we take care of everything. All the way down to setting up wine glasses.”

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