7 Cities That Could Be Kingdoms in Game of Thrones

Now we’re only a handful of episodes away from finding out who will take their place on the Iron Throne. Before we wrap this odyssey with a pretty bow, we took a minute to picture the seven kingdoms as U.S. cities – based on geography and climate.

Whether you’re Team Daenerys Targaryen or Team Lannister, let’s take a road trip around the country to get to know the cities that most closely resemble the seven original kingdoms.

Palm Springs, CA is Dorne

The high palms, warm weather and beautiful desert landscapes in Dorne are eerily similar to the vibes in California’s Palm Springs. The residents of Dorne know how to enjoy the outdoors in their carefully landscaped gardens in a similar way as influencers enjoy the sights at the ACE Hotel. And, California has no shortage of wineries, mirroring the Dornish, who also produce their own wine.

While Dorne boasts progressive ideals about women and sexuality, the Sand Snakes were not as welcoming to Myrcella Baratheon, daughter of Cersei. The beautiful climate surely makes the residents of Dorne forget that winter is coming.

Helena, MT is Vale

The Vale of Arryn, where the house of Arryn and the Starks bent the knee for Aegon upon his arrival, resembles the landscapes of Helena.

The Montana capital is surrounded by the Continental Divide and its land is composed of rivers, lakes and fertile soil that was once part of the Gold Rush. The harsh winters come every year at both locations and blanket the city with snow.

The state of Texas is the Reach

The Reach is one of the largest areas in the seven kingdoms, only behind the North. While this list is about cities, we couldn’t pick just one because the state of Texas as a whole represents the vastness of the Reach.

As one of the main agriculture producers in the Song of Ice and Fire series, the Reach produces grain, fruit, wine and livestock on its fertile ground – similar to its Southwest counterpart.

Texas is only number two behind California as the biggest agricultural producer in the U.S. with the same products plus cotton, corn, peanuts and others. House Gardner was killed in the Targaryen invasion, but the area is now led by the Tyrells.

Baton Rouge, LA is the Riverlands

The Riverlands cleverly uses nature as a way to fight enemies with countless swamps taking over the area. The area is surrounded by three major rivers and in the story, this area was conquered by many over the years, constantly in the middle of civil wars.

Baton Rouge is near the Mississippi River basin with one of the state’s biggest swamps nearby, the Atchafalaya. The Louisiana city was the host of the Battle of Baton Rouge during the American Civil War as well.

Weather is also similar. Rainfall is moderate with mild winters and hot summers, only getting colder as you approach the convergence of the three rivers called the Neck as you head to the North.

Portland, OR is the Stormlands

The fog is a large component of the scenes in Game of Thrones once we arrive in the Stormlands. Portland mirrors the fog and greenery that we see in the Stormlands in many ways.

The mountains, the cloudy skies and overall winter feeling can be seen in both places. The Stormlands are famous for their stone shores with smaller islands in the distance.

The last Storm King was killed following Aegon’s arrival and was later led by House Baratheon.

Savannah, GA is the Rock

The Lannisters controlled the Kingdom of the Rock, most specifically Casterly Rock, for thousands of years before the Unsullied came to its doors. The Casterly Rock castle is famous for its gold mine, located under the castle. It’s where the Lannister gained their fortune.

With great defenses and one of the most well-defended castles, Savannah comes to mind as its many forts protected the city from invaders as well as the great wealth that grew within the city center.

Despite the fact that there are no castles or rock formations near the Southern city, Savannah’s pirate and urban legends about spirits mirror in a lot of ways Casterly Rock’s catacombs and dungeons. Both areas carry a lot of history within its city centers.

Old Fort Jackson, in particular, shows large cannon holes left from past battles, as Casterly Rock carries similar scars from past battles against the Lannisters.

Detroit, MI is Winterfell

Michigan’s motor city has been strong through extreme economic and social changes, plus an annual bitter winter. The city’s strong steel and industry plant background makes for a great connection with Winterfell, the beacon of the North. The industrial look of the city, decaying buildings and population trends within the city center mirrors the North’s Winterfell in many ways.

Both cities have undergone significant challenges, but continue to stand strong and grow despite them. Detroit is also close to Canada, the land north of the Wall in this case.

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