8 Cleaning Apps for Vacation Rental Businesses

Despite the increasing number of travelers who are choosing vacation rentals as a more homely alternative to hotels, their expectations don’t differ when it comes to cleanliness.

Some of the most common negative reviews of vacation rentals and other alternative accommodation derive from the guest’s dissatisfaction of cleanliness standards. In other words, as a host, you need to start considering the value of professional cleaning services for your vacation rental because what you might consider sparkling clean in your own house simply won’t cut it with guests.

Short-term renting goes hand in hand with a high guest turnover – and a requirement for deep cleaning after every check-out. But, for many owners, a vacation rental business is a side hustle and not their full-time day job. So, how do you stay on top of all these rental property cleaning tasks to ensure you always meet guest expectations? You hire a vacation rental cleaner!

Cleaning services for vacation rentals

In order to suit different owners’ needs, there is a huge variety of cleaning services that you can request for your vacation rental. These can range from simple, ordinary tasks like making the beds, changing towels and cleaning toilets to more specific and tricky ones like cleaning mirrors and fixtures or removing carpet stains.

Now that the market has grown so much, there is a wide choice of professional vacation rental cleaners. That means knowing where to look for the right service providers can be confusing.

We’ve put together this list of eight cleaning apps for vacation rental businesses which will help you easily find experienced cleaning staff for your property.

    1. TurnoverBnb
    2. Properly
    3. MaidThis
    4. Handy
    5. Airtasker
    6. Doinn
    7. GuestPrep
    8. Airhosta

    All of these cleaning companies have their own app, from where you can easily book and customize all of the cleaning services you need for your vacation rental property.

    1. TurnoverBnB

    TurnoverBnB allows owners to create automated cleaning schedules and enjoy completely hands-free management. In fact, thanks to its integration with major booking platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com and HomeAway, owners can automatically schedule turnovers based on bookings and available time between one guest checking out and the following checking in. Owners can easily manage and communicate with existing cleaners or use the marketplace feature to find professional vacation rental cleaners in their area. The platform also provides automated payments and record tracking of completed jobs.

    Currently available in: US and Canada

    2. Properly

    Two key strengths of the Properly app are visual interaction and real-time management. Owners can create visual instructions with a photo-based cleaning checklist to be as clear as possible and ensure the final result matches their expectations.

    From their side, vacation cleaners can send real-time pictures to report possible damages and problems discovered during turnovers, or simply provide owners with a last-minute update on the cleaning status. Connection with listing sites, automatic cleaning scheduling and a marketplace for cleaning professionals complete their offer.

    Currently available in: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, France

    3. MaidThis

    MaidThis consider themselves to be a “matchmaking agency” for California vacation rental owners and service providers. They screen and refer reliable, trustworthy and high-quality vacation cleaners to short-term rental properties. Their website has even a dedicated section for Airbnb cleaning, which shows the specific booking process and cleaning scheduling for owners. The cleaners provide all their own material and are proven experts at rental cleaning.

    Currently available in: Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco, California

    4. Handy

    While vacation rental cleaning might not be its core business, the Handy platform represents a very good option for organizing your property cleaning. It provides affordable pricing, the chance to reschedule, send messages to cleaners (and even tip them) through your smartphone and relies on a 24/7 customer service.

    Besides vacation rental cleaning services, it also offers handyperson services, smart device installation and much more. All household services are performed by pre-screened and independent professionals.

    Currently available in Various US, Canada and UK locations

    5. Airtasker

    Airtasker is a trusted Australian community platform which pairs people who need to outsource tasks and find local services, with those who are ready to start work and earn money. They have a dedicated section for cleaning where owners can select their room numbers and type of cleaning requests to receive an instant quote for their vacation rental cleaning service.

    After posting a cleaning task, you receive an offer from a “tasker”. You can then review their profile and decide whether to accept or not. It is already used by over 2 million people in Australia.

    Currently available in: Australia

    6. Doinn

    Doinn is a very interesting platform specifically designed to provide cleaning services for vacation rentals. It boasts a number of features which are useful for property managers, such as calendar synchronization through iCal, API integration with vacation rental listing sites and specific “instruction fields” for vacation cleaners regarding detailed topics such as storage space, specific requests, keys and stock replacement.

    They also created specific features for property managers allowing them to receive separate billings for each property and doing a bulk import of properties through Excel.

    Currently available in: Portugal, Spain and France

    7. GuestPrep

    As specialists in Airbnb cleaning services with more than 20,000 turnovers on their books, GuestPrep understands the pressures of short-term rental cleanliness and the requirement for high standards.

    Their offer is divided into two main plans: the “Express Clean” and the “Deep Clean”. The first one was specifically designed to provide a quick and cost-efficient rental property cleaning service between each turnover, whereas the second is ideal after a two-to-three weeks stay or every eight to ten short-term stays. They also offer to restock the essential amenities (such as kitchen and bathroom items) included in the price.

    Currently available in: Washington DC, Austin and Denver, US

    8. Airhosta

    The Airhosta marketplace connects rental property owners with Airbnb service providers who have experience, availability and who are located in your area. Besides vacation rental cleaners, hosts can also use the tool to connect with interior design experts, concierge services and activities organizers. You just need to create a list of the services you need for your rental property and service providers will contact you with a tailored proposal. After reviewing profiles and quotes, you will be free to choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Currently available in: Worldwide.

    Cleaning vacation rentals: alternatives to apps

    All of the apps and platforms mentioned above are a great solution for property owners’ rental cleaning needs. They provide quick online management, customization and they are really user-friendly. But the question is: are there any alternatives?

    The answer is yes, but it depends on every owner’s situation. If you only own one or two properties, you may directly connect with local vacation rental cleaners, which could have two main advantages.

    First, having direct contact with your rental cleaner allows you to keep a good personal relationship that can always be useful in case of emergencies or special last-minute requests. Then, by avoiding intermediaries, you may even manage to fix a cheaper price for your rental cleaning services.

    On the other hand, if you own several properties or are a property manager, going for a direct approach could be tricky since you may need more organization and perhaps a different approach for each property. In this case, the possibility of saving money may not be worth the effort.

    For any vacation rental owner who is short on time, it’s important your vacation rental cleaning does not fall below the highest standards. Hiring vacation cleaners to take care of the dirty work for you can improve business processes and even boost reviews in the long term.


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