HelloHere Guest App – How technology makes great hospitality

Guest experience is a major factor that can make or break your vacation rental business. By means of 5-star reviews, social media recommendations or (alas) bad reviews, you can see future bookings elevate or plummet. But do you know how advanced tech can become a major asset in building exceptional guest relationships? Today we take a close look at HelloHere – the award-winning Guest App specialised in vacation rentals. Find out how you can benefit from their smart technology. 

1. A Guest App to stay in touch

Late flight or a leaking tap. Things just happen! What matters is how you deal with the critical situation. Making yourself available to your guests using a real-time messenger can prove crucial. With a Guest App such as HelloHere you can chat with your clients and promptly get on top of any arising issues – stay in touch with them at all stages of their trip! Guests will have the comfort to contact you through the quick chat and report any change in their journey or unexpected issues. You will have the chance to react immediately.

2. Automated Instructions

Being there for your guests is the foundation of great hospitality. Nonetheless, sending out the same tips and instructions can become time-consuming and repetitive. Why not automate the process? With HelloHere you can preset messages with relevant information about the rental property, transport options, the local area, check-in/ check-out times etc, and send them at the right time according to guests’ needs. This way, you can provide all of the key info to your guests before arrival, even with no internet access. And if your guests don’t read emails with instructions, just send them a quick chat reminder and increase your chances to reach them.

3. Curated Recommendations

Exploring a new city is exciting. Spending hours online researching what to see… not so much. Spare your guests the hassle by providing your own recommendations: what to see, what to do and where to eat. Include local attractions and history, insider tips and local insights. This will help them make the most out of their stay and really experience local culture. Do you know a must-see attraction or a great restaurant off the beaten track? You can add details to HelloHere’s curated recommendations section.

3. Welcoming Guests

As a busy host of many properties or a rental owner with a full-time occupation, you may not get the chance to welcome every guest in person. With HelloHere you can do it right in the App. Include a warm welcome message for each guest and a tell them about yourself, your home or your vacation rental business. Guests will appreciate knowing the person behind the rental property.

4. Digital Welcome Book

Printed property booklets are not the most practical option: not only are they costly and need replacement regularely, but they’re also not available to your guests when they are out and about. Yes, there are still guests who need them, but let’s make a way for modern technology. Make all the important info accessible to your guests on their smartphones (with an offline functionality) by providing it in your HelloHere guest app. Include manuals with how-to videos of all important info that may confuse your guests.

  • How to program the air conditioning or thermostat
  • How to use remote controls for TVs, audio systems or kitchen appliances
  • How does recycling work in your area? Which transport option will work best for them?

5. Complimentary Services.

Providing great guest experience can also help you maximise your own profits by allowing you to sell additional products or services to guests. As their host and main contact, guests will trust your local expertise and tips. Airport transfers, sightseeing tours or day trips, equipment rental (bikes, scooters, skis, surfing boards etc.), additional services in the property such as late check-out/early check-in, fridge refills, extra cleaning or laundry – your guests’ needs vary. You can easily offer these services through your Hello Here app!

Additionally, you can invite guests to rebook your property directly from the app and automate the process using push notifications. The automatic notifications can remind your regular guests to book your property a few months before their usual travel time.

Connect to HelloHere via Rentals United

Thanks to this partnership, you can connect your Rentals United properties and bookings to HelloHere and start offering your own personalized Guest App. It means that you can quickly get your properties uploaded on HelloHere and start adding your own content and instructions. Each new Rentals United booking will be synced automatically to the App where you can provide guests with the very best local tips & tours and communicate via chat! Save time and generate new revenue!


Guest experience may depend on a lot of factors but smart technology like Rentals United & HelloHere will help you provide exceptional hospitality. Automate you booking update to 60+ listing sites and save time to spend on guests – create relevant content and tips that bring real value. All stored in one place and at your guests’ fingertips, even without an internet connection.

Learn how you can sync bookings from leading listing sites with HelloHere. Speak with one of our specialists.



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