How to Keep Cats Off Your Furniture

Cats love elevated surfaces. And as much as we love our furry four-legged friends, we don’t love hair-covered couches and scratched-up chairs — especially if you’ve recently bought or rented furniture. 

Cats are naturally curious creatures and it can be difficult to change their habits. However, there are a few ways you can keep cats off of your furniture.

Why Do Cats Love “Perching”?

Domestic cats still live like their wild predatory predecessors. Though domestic housecats have adapted to living in your home (you can hide the litterbox!) and are more than capable of creating bonds with their owners, they still live independent and solitary lives. 

 If you have a cat, then you more than likely experience your feline friend lounging at the back of the sofa and know all too well the  “thump” of your pet landing on the countertop. 

But why do cats like high places? Cats perch up high for a number of reasons. From above, cats have a full visual of their environment — giving them the opportunity to see danger coming and to prepare for an escape. It’s also a status thing. If you have more than one cat, it may be your cat’s way of saying, “don’t mess with me”.

However you want to read your cat, here are a few ways to make sure your cat can perch without ruining your furniture. 

Cat Trees

A cat tree is a great opportunity to redirect your cat’s focus to a cat-appropriate furniture solution that satisfies their perching desires — and they are designed for scratching. A cat tree will save your furniture from destruction and provide mental stimulation. Some cat trees come with hanging ropes and different levels with shapes that will keep your cat entertained. 

Plus, their height provides your cat with a safe space to sleep. Since they can sit up top and make sure there is no one around for immediate attack, your cat’s perch may become their favorite place to snooze. 

Cat Window Perch

Cat trees take up real estate. If you’re apartment limits you spatially, a window perch is an easy solution. It satisfies your cat’s natural instincts to go high and it provides a lookout into the world that will amuse their inherent curiosities. 


The most affordable solution is taking a shot at giving your cat some lessons in staying off of your territory. When your present, making loud noises when your cat jumps on the furniture will startle your cat into learning this is a no-perch zone.

Or you can use things like aluminum foil, plastic mats, or double-sided sticky tape placed on surfaces to deter them from staying on your countertops. The textures the materials provide are a no-no for cats. As time goes on, furniture and countertops will become an unappealing place for your cat to rest on. Eventually, you’ll be able to take away these materials without them noticing. 

Homemade Sprays

Citrus smells, like lemon, orange, and grapefruit, are a natural cat repellent. The smell overpowers a cat’s senses to detect food. If used (use one part essential oil to four parts water), the spray will naturally repel your cat. And they double as a pet odor absorber. 

The downside: spraying scents on your owned or rented furniture may cause damage. Seek out alternatives like oil diffusers or air sprays in specific areas to target which furniture you’d like to keep your pets off of without spot spraying. 

Find Pet-Friendly Apartments For Your Feline

Cats are excellent apartment-friendly pets. Perfect for not only you (no daily walks necessary) and for acclimating to small spaces. In short, cats are low maintenance and have a high reward.

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