Response To Complaint By Ministry of the Attorney General

Rachel Berube

Suite 200, 1978 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON

M4S 1Z7

Dear Ms. Berube:

you for your recent correspondence regarding the Landlord and Tenant
Board (LTB). The Policy Division has been asked to respond to you on
behalf of the Ministry of the
Attorney General. We understand how important these matters are and
appreciate your taking the time to write.

As background, the LTB, which is part of Tribunals Ontario, is an adjudicative tribunal that resolves disputes under the
Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 independently of government. In order to preserve this independence, ministry officials are not permitted to interfere in, or comment on, tribunal processes
or decisions. The ministry is not able to expedite or intervene with LTB orders.
We encourage you to remain engaged with the LTB on these matters. 

Ontario and the government are working on addressing shortages of
adjudicative resources at constituent tribunals, such as the LTB. In
October 2018, full-time and part-time
member openings at the LTB were posted on the Public Appointments
Secretariat website. As a result, the government has reappointed 11
full-time members and one part-time member to the LTB. Further, two new
full-time adjudicators were appointed effective January
17, 2019. Recruitment is underway to fill other adjudicator vacancies.

addition, the LTB has posted a notice on its website to inform tribunal
users that, over past months, parties have experienced service delays
at the LTB. The notice also indicates
that the LTB is continuing to work hard to manage the situation and is
working with the government to improve its services.

regards to your comments about the rights of landlords, you may be
interested to know that in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement, the
government announced the launch of the
Housing Supply Action Plan in spring 2019. The plan will be led by the
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, which is responsible for
rental housing policy. The aim of the plan is to increase housing supply
by addressing barriers that inhibit the development
and ownership of rental housing. The plan will also look at the rights
of landlords under the current system.

to justice for all Ontarians is of paramount concern to the Government
of Ontario. By using specialized expertise to adjudicate on a wide
variety of disputes, adjudicative
tribunals, such as the LTB, play a vital role in Ontario’s justice
system. Please be assured that your comments have been shared with
ministry officials responsible for LTB policy initiatives.

We trust the above information will be of assistance. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact the ministry. 

Policy Division
Ministry of the Attorney General

Please do not attempt to reply to this e-mail. Further inquiry can be directed to the following addresses, quoting the reference # attached to your response/ in
the subject line:


        Address:      Ministry of the Attorney General

McMurtry-Scott Building

720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2S9

My response to their email

No one is going to have anything to do with landlording if they are of sound mind, and your government through ineptness and negligence does not fund the judiciary enough to be able to maintain a decent standard of operations. The paralegal and I had already emailed the LTB at least 10 times, that hearing where Cho dismissed the landlord’s application and rent arrears, was for $17900. The initial court date for that owner was in October.

No one will want to be a landlord because the Landlord & Tenant Board helps tenants steal free rent from landlords. 99% of landlords sell after a shitty tenant. So much so in fact that I have no idea sometimes why I even help with crappy tenants and property management during the eviction process, it’s stressful, one tenant called me a fucking c$nt for testifying for the landlord, and landlords mostly sell their properties after and do not stay and remain my clients. Frankly I can’t blame them, they just can’t take the risk.

It’s truly tragic, because providing housing is a very valuable service, it’s just unfortunate that people aren’t willing to lose their money and suffer abuse to provide it. Frankly if politicians all had to offer up their basements for a while, I’m pretty sure we would find the rules changing from what they are to something a little more reasonable.