The definitive list of Smart Locks & Keyless entry providers

Guests delayed by a flight or heavy traffic and you’re waiting by your mobile till early morning hours! Guests losing keys, and you have to change the lock, as well as make extra key copies (for guests, yourself, the cleaning staff, check-in staff). Things can happen! Luckily, Smart Locks are a very clever solution that can prevent many issues! Already installed onto many vacation rentals, here’s the ultimate list of smart locks providers that you can choose from!


Location: United States
Pricing: from $249

Founded in 2007, RemoteLock offers unique solutions for rental property managers. You can count on scheduled access, guest/staff monitoring, plus integration with Airbnb and HomeAway. Manage your smart lock from anywhere in the world.

Igloo Home

Locating: Singapore
Pricing: from $169
Available: Worldwide

Control is now in your hands. With the Igloohome App, you can grant access to guests and visitors even when you are away from home. Take your pick of the smart locks or keybox available – and manage all from the App.


Location: Portugal
Pricing: € 399
Available: Portugal & Spain

Founded in 2016, HomeIt simplifies multiple-property management by providing keyless instant access for both guests and service providers by means of smart locks, as well as solutions to your existing locks. This May, HomeIt will launch their integration with Nuki, an ingenious smart lock made in Switzerland that can be added to your existing lock.


Location: Poland
Pricing: $279 / lock
Available: Poland

Founded in 2014, RentingLock solves a problem associated with short-term rental premises – transferring keys to tenants, as well as replacing locks after the previous unruly tenants.


Location: United Kingdom
Pricing: £449
Available: United Kingdom

Klevio is a smart intercom device and mobile app that allows you to open doors remotely with your phone. The App becomes your key and it allows you to share digital codes that you can revoke at check-out.


Location: Carmel, Indiana
Pricing: $95 – $230
Available: Worldwide

Schlage is an award-winning door hardware provider that guarantees security and resistance. With smart locks that can be managed through a smartphone, you have keyless access, remote monitoring and control of your lock from anywhere.


Location: Lenoir City
Pricing:$100 – $300
Available: Worldwide

Founded in 1868, Yale Lock is one of the oldest lock providers in the world. Their smart locks fit every door and can be opened in a variety of ways: via a PIN code, remote fob, from your smartphone or from your smart home system.


Location: Silicon Valley, CA
Pricing: $149 – $279
Available: USA & Canada

August Smart Lock is a safe and simple way to manage your holiday home’s lock. From your smartphone or computer, you can control who can enter and who can’t—without the need for keys or codes.


Location: France
Pricing: 299€
Available: Europe

Compatible with all doors fitted with a European cylinder, eLocky provides virtual keys management, remote control and property surveillance, all from your smartphone.


Location: South Korea
Pricing: $130 – $360
Available: Worldwide

The well-known South Korean brand has launched its smart home series with a wide range of smart locks. They offer numerous fingerprint locks and different access methods: password, card, fingerprint and more.


Location: United States
Pricing: $475 – $625

Founded in 2014, Parakeet is a premier home automation provider in the vacation rental industry. They offer Mobile / Wifi solutions and they’re quick to adopt new technologies that can be useful to vacation rental owners / managers.

Location: Canada
Pricing: on inquiry

Founded in 2013, Everydoor offers easy keyless check-in for vacation rental guests and remote keyless access control for every door. Built with short-term rental hosts needs in mind.


Location: United States
Pricing: on inquiry
Available: USA

Founded in 2010, Pointcentral offers smart home automation services, keyless entry and smart home technology. Their solutions are adapted to vacation rentals, family homes and multi-family rentals.

Mutuum Airlock

Location: Spain
Pricing: on inquiry
Available: Spain


Founded in 2017, Mutuum Airlock allows you to grant access to any door, from anywhere on the planet, using their App which is available for both iPhone and Android.


Location: United States
Pricing: from $99
Available: Wordlwide with international shipping

Founded in 2012, Lockitron lets you share temporary or permanent virtual keys with guests, friends or family. You can receive a notification when your guests arrive for the first time and make sure your door is locked from anywhere in the world.


Location: Austria
Pricing: $65 – $230
Available: Worldwide

Founded in 1946, Kwikset offers an innovative portfolio that includes patented SmartKey deadbolts, keyless entry combination locks, connected home technology and smart locks. Available worldwide thanks to resellers.

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