The Horrors of The Landlord & Tenant Board

Ridiculously Crowded

So I was at the East Landlord & Tenant Board Office on Midland Avenue in Toronto this morning, there were 59 hearings scheduled for one adjudicator, all for non-payment of rent.

The Tribunal operates from 9:00 to 5:00 and so that leaves 480 minutes for the adjudicator to get through all the files for the day. That doesn’t account for lunch or breaks nor the little speech adjudicators have to give when they start out, which is like 10 minutes long.

Regardless 480 minutes dived by 59 files leaves roughly 8 minutes to deal with every file. I just don’t get what the point is of scheduling like this is. Lots of files are going to not be heard and just have to be recycled back wasting paralegal time and owner time and tenant time.

Small landlords were so hopeful that Doug Ford would be the answer to their prayers, but instead he is the nightmare to their prayers. The Landlord & Tenant Board has never been this backlogged in 25 years I’ve been attending. NEVER.

I finally got a court date for an adjournment that was given October 22nd, 2018…the new hearing is March 20th 2019 and the original documents were filed August 31st 2018. The tenant is not paying rent.

For obvious reasons the owner may well be in foreclosure by the time this file gets to court and that’s really sad to be honest. Furthermore, we asked for a 2 day hearing because each side has a lot of evidence, we have 65 pages ourselves. No matter how hard we all try, it won’t be heard in a half hearing block which is what we received.

I was never a Ford fan, but I never would have predicted the stupidity of this train wreck. Let’s save money on the court system by not hiring anyone. The “efficiencies” are being paid for 10 times over by the small business people landlords out there.

Not to mention the victimization of other tenants and landlords at the hands of bat shit crazy asshole tenants. I’ve evicted tenant for

  • Punching our accountant in the face
  • Breaking another tenant’s jaw
  • Ripping off drywall during a home inspection
  • Attempted Murder of the Superintendent
  • Threatening my life
  • Gun Stockpile raided by police

Now all these people are going to be with you a lot longer all thanks to Doug’s cost savings. This is beyond stupid. No one likes to talk about those tenants but I can assure you they exist and if you happen to get one, you get a whole 8 minutes to explain it to the adjudicator at this point, or you can wait another 3 months for a hearing.

I don’t even.