To Be or Not To Be? Landlord Edition

Sorry to say, but this is a terrible ruling. Chiarelli was clearly about legal representation at the Landlord & Tenant Board and anything else is overreaching by far. This is made completely clear in the ruling, but you have to read past para 19… The idea that property managers can no longer fill out Notices is ridiculous, and as I presented in the last two blog posts, I took the opportunity to clarify this matter when I was investigated by the Law Society.

Finally, because the entire application was so complex, the entire thing was under the direction and in conjunction with the paralegal in the first place, all along and I can prove it by providing emails.

“Landlord” is a convenience to the LTB”

This next ruling was also about me. I had a shitty illegal triplex in Scarborough with the owner in Dubai, and he did not want to give me money to repair the roof, and I fired him and the tenant sued him. This ruling was under the direction of Ruth Carey who was the vice chair who was training a new member at the time. I told the LTB I was no longer working for the landlord and I was still found to be a landlord. I didn’t even go to this hearing because the landlord said he was sending a paralegal. Here, I’m magically the landlord.

The Law Society can give direction in this matter, this is way above my paygrade, and frankly I can’t help thinking there is some reprisal for the letter I sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General and my articles on this blog, about how insane the LTB is these days. Coming next post, the letter I wrote to the MAG and their sad, boilerplate reply about the ridiculous and unconscionable delays at the LTB due to lack of staff. Period.

It’s not magic, you need adjudicators, and the LTB is not staffed properly, not even close. I’ve never seen hearing blocks with over 60 scheduled items scheduled. The judiciary needs to function somewhat properly and that is not what is currently happening.