22 Things Everyone From South Florida Knows to be True

When you’re a native Floridian, there’s a long list of things you learn to be true. But when you’re from South Florida, these specific things aren’t up for debate.

This is how you know you’re a true South Floridian

1. Growing up, you probably had at least one field trip to the Everglades and got to ride the airboats.

2. The beach is likely never more than 10 minutes away.

3. You know that if you touch your seatbelt during summertime you’re going to get seriously burned. Don’t believe us? Try this at your own risk.

4. Alligators don’t really phase you anymore – they’re just a part of life.

5. Air conditioning means more to you than the average Joe.

6. You’ve had hurricane days, but no snow days.

7. And hurricane parties are a real thing … need I say more?

8. Publix subs are a way of life. Laspadas is a close second.

9. Nearly all photoshoots are taken at the beach.

10. The humidity will challenge you. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

11. The bipolar South Florida weather is the reason we all have trust issues.

12. You’re very aware that there are three different Floridas: North, Central and South.

13. Growing up, you most likely had a season pass to Disney World.

14. The Florida college football rivalries are no joke. Houses are divided.

15. Driving is almost always a risky move. Yeah, we get it, we’re not the best drivers.

16. Everyone despises Spring Breakers. I mean come on, they trash our beaches.

17. It’s always flip-flop season.

18. LeBron never should have taken his talents back to Cleveland. Or Los Angeles.

19. You wear sunscreen during the day and mosquito repellent at night.

20. When the temperature drops below 70 degrees, everyone low-key freaks out.

21. You’re pretty much always in view of either a golf course or a gated neighborhood.

22. You know there are very big differences between Cuban, Haitian, Dominican and Puerto Rican foods.

What do you think?

All in all, there’s truly no place like South Florida, and we wouldn’t trade growing up here for anything in the world. Interested in moving to paradise? Find out which South Florida city would be best for you.

Did we miss something? Comment below to let us know your favorite thing about South Florida!

Photo by Ashley Satanosky on Unsplash

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