7 Ways to Secure Housing as a Traveling Nurse

So, you’ve signed your next travel nursing contract, and you’ve already started prepping for your move. The missing piece? A place to live in your new city. You want your travel nurse housing stipend to stretch as far as possible, and you also want to find the perfect place for your needs. Need help getting started? Check out our best travel nurse housing resources and tips. 

How to Find Housing as a Traveling Nurse

1. Consult a travel nurse agency.

If you work for a large staffing agency with locations all over the country, your agency may already have a network in place to help you find housing. Even if they don’t, find out if there’s a travel nursing housing agency in the area you plan to live. These housing-specific agencies know exactly what you’re looking for as a traveling nurse and can help you find the perfect short-term rental. 

2. Join travel nursing networking groups on social media. 

You aren’t the first person to search for traveling nurse rentals in your new city, and you won’t be the last, either. Why not learn from other traveling nurses around the country? Join a Facebook group that’s meant to help traveling nurses find housing. You’ll get firsthand accounts of specific apartment complexes and areas of town, and that insider knowledge is invaluable when moving to a new city alone

5. Find furnished travel nurse housing on Airbnb and VRBO.

You may not be traveling for vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look at vacation rental sites for housing. Many Airbnb and VRBO hosts are willing to make you a deal on rent for longer stays, and these types of places will already have everything you need (like furniture, housewares, and linens). 

4. Search online rental listings in realtor apps.

Think apps like Zillow and Realtor.com are just for homebuyers? Think again! Many real estate agents and landlords list their rental properties on these platforms. While most of these listings will be unfurnished, it’s easy to turn any rental into your temporary home with furniture rental services from CORT. 

5. Find an apartment complex that offers month-to-month leases.

Even if you sign a year-long contract to work somewhere, it’s wise to keep your housing flexible. After all, things happen, and contracts can be terminated early on short notice. You certainly don’t want to be stuck paying rent for a place you don’t need anymore! When calling apartment complexes or townhome communities, check on their policies for month-to-month leasing and early lease termination. If you’re dealing with a private landlord, check out our best tips for negotiating a short-term lease like a pro

6. Go through a corporate housing agency. 

Your job is demanding, and sometimes, you just want a turnkey place to call home for your contract duration. That’s where a corporate housing agency comes in. These agencies oversee properties all over the country and can find you the perfect place that’s close to work—but requires little to no work on your part. Search for “short-term corporate rentals,” “corporate condos,” or “corporate apartments” to find housing communities that are set up for this exact purpose.

7. Consider extended-stay hotels for shorter work contracts.

Furnished housing for travel nurses can be hard to come by in many areas. If you need housing for just a few weeks, extended stay hotels can be an easy option (though, keep in mind that they may eat up more of your travel nurse housing stipend than other options). You won’t have to move furniture or worry about finding a furnished apartment, and many extended stay hotels are within walking distance of restaurants and grocery stores. Most extended stay properties also offer amenities like a pool, fitness center, or lobby coffee shop for maximum convenience. 

Traveling Nurse Rentals: Find Your Perfect Place

Ready to set out on your next travel nursing adventure? ApartmentSearch makes it easy to find a temporary home. Use our advanced filters to find a furnished apartment that suits your taste and lifestyle. You deserve to feel at home, no matter where you go! 


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