Can I Have My Check MAG?

Checks Collected From Deadbeat Tenants

While I’m on the subject of complaining about the services provided by the government, I’m going to discuss something 99% of landlords never do/see.

Collections From Tenants

So after you have an order from tenants you have to try to collect the money which can be tricky and quite difficult at times, if your tenant uses a fake name for instance, or you can’t find them.

Happily landlords can call us for assistance with those problems 416-880-4126 or 416-628-4126 or email us

However when we garnish their pays, or bank or whatever we do to get our claws on money, the money ends up at the Ministry of the Attorney General. Then they are supposed to send the creditor a check, and this is not supposed to be a complicated process.

What I have found is that due to under staffing and overwork of the clerical staff checks are made out and sit there, or don’t get mailed or issued. So we’ll get notified that a judgement was satisfied by a bank garnishment, and then wait months for the money to end up in the mailbox.

For example, one garnishment I have dates for, the money was sent January 16th 2019 and the check was only issued March 22nd 2019, and that’s with the paralegal going to the courts and asking for the check on a regular basis.

Why is it a hurry to get your check once the money is in the courts? Because if another judgement gets registered against the same person, the money get split between the parties, so you will get half the money.

This is another example of under staffing the court administration and impeding the proper function of the judiciary.

In case you didn’t know, and really if you didn’t it’s for the best… The courts are a place where you have to get in line to get a ticket to get in line. There are people whos job it is to wait in these lines with stacks of papers to file. They do this everyday, they arrive at 393 University Ave, or 47 Sheppard Ave or another court and get a ticket and wait to be file papers. One they are in the line, they can only file 3 or 5 items at a time, and then they get back in the line to get another ticket to file another bunch of items. This has been a messed up situation for a long time, but sadly there are more “efficiencies” coming.

But seriously once money is collected the check signing department should be johnny on the spot disbursing the funds in trust to the creditors, not the next quarter, but within a reasonable time frame.