Fortress Illusion Dissolves – Investors Get Screwed

Shameless – Date of Purchase 306% Loan To Value.

In an unsurprising turn of events, Fortress Real Developments and their whack a mole suite of related companies, is dying. This is my second Ponzi scheme involvement and I managed to avoid being sued for defamation this time. A group of concerned citizens have been working as a team to end this outright fraud on the public. You know who you are.

There is a moment in every scam, where the realization that the work of the principal sociopath will result in the decimation of thousands of investors savings, and the only thing you can do is forge onwards to prevent more victims.

In any case, during the League Ponzi, there was basically no recovery of funds for most of the investors, receivers and lawyers won’t return small investor’s calls but will definitely chew through any equity left in the projects.

Regardless for the Fortress Investors, there is a Facebook group that everyone should join to keep track of activities. There is also hope of recovery of a lot of the funds put in by investors mostly by suing all the advisors that sold the funds and misled and misrepresented the Fortress Products.

Meetings will be held to help the investors sort through the devastation caused by these sophisticated shysters. Look to the Facebook Group for Information.

Currently there are several avenues for getting your money back depending on the amount involved, there is also a meeting arranged with FAAN later on this month for investors only, if you are investor, you should go and get informed.