Have you ever attended a VrTech?

Have you ever attended a VrTech?

HINT: Watch Video Before Scrolling

If you’ve never been to a VrTech and you wonder what that is and how can it be beneficial to you, read on:

VrTech is a free meet-up where professionals & technology companies get together to accelerate innovation in the vacation rental industry. The aim is to bring together vacation rental industry leaders, investors and game changers to networkinspire & educate property managers, owners and agents around the world.

As attendee you learn about cutting edge technology and new tools that can step up your game big time and influence your VR business and operations significantly. And you do it before anybody else, and before they go mainstream. So you have a competitive advantage over those who don’t attend.

In an ever demanding environment, where we’re faced with constant struggles, finding one or more breakthroughs can give us that ‘plus’ that drives more bookings.

Since inception VrTechs have been planned in Barcelona, Paris, Atlanta, Rome and Edinburgh and we’ve managed to organize the first ever VrTech Start-Up Competition during the Vacation Rental World Summit in Florence, next September.

I just interviewed RentalsUnited CMO Vanessa De Souza Lage, who’s sharing the exact, super cool and not to miss format of this very special VRTech.

Check the video above and find out about VrTech within the Vacation Rental World Summit.

Tech Start-Ups

If you are a Tech Start-up providing high value services to VR owners and Property Managers and want to participate in VrTech click here to apply. You have time until August, 7th to submit your proposal


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