How to Create a Star Trek Bedroom in Your Apartment

While there are a number of cultural icons that have been born out of the multiple variations of Star Trek since that 1966 debut, perhaps one of the most iconic takeaways from Star Trek is the living quarters aboard the ships. These quarters are deeply important to fans of Star Trek.

Recently, the home services site Angie’s List released 3D renderings of what each of the various captain’s quarters looked like on each variation of the show. Now, you can have a Star Trek bedroom right in your own apartment, with the right furniture and decor.

If you’re ready to “boldly go where no man has gone before,” and commit to a Star Trek bedroom in your apartment, check out this curated list.

1. Start with minimalism

Photo courtesy of Angie’s List

One common theme across the various Captains’ quarters in Star Trek is minimalism. The character Deela once told Captain James Kirk in a 1968 episode, “Your quarters are quite like you, Captain – austere and efficient, and in their own way, handsome,” to which Kirk replied, “A room should reflect its occupant.”

To convey the feelings of austerity and efficiency in your new Star Trek bedroom, try implementing minimal and futuristic-looking pieces like this “moon chair” from SCHOOLSin or this aluminum desk by ACME (similar to Captain Kirk’s in the original series).

For making your bedroom more minimal overall, try playing the minimalist game. It’s a great way to get rid of unnecessary excess.

2. A Captain’s quarters should also be lush

Photo courtesy of Angie’s List

Though Captain Kirk’s accommodations were rather simple in the original series, quarters became more luxurious as the series progressed. Your Star Trek bedroom must be clean and sleek, but you can’t forego some of the more luxurious features.

Jean Luc Picard’s Captain’s quarters is a fantastic representation of this. His quarters featured cushy, high-backed rolling chairs for getting business done in comfort. The chairs are just like these chairs from Zuo Modern.

Picard was also famously known for his tea time. If your new Star Trek bedroom has the space, consider adding a nice dining table like this oval table from Article.

3. Don’t be afraid to feminize

Photo courtesy of Angie’s List

Those who haven’t watched the Star Trek series might not know, but Star Trek: Voyager actually features a female captain – the only female to be cast as captain on a Star Trek series – Kathryn Janeway.

Janeway’s quarters were styled with casual seating areas and some quaint decor. One iconic feature of Janeway’s captains quarters was her gramophone. Though gramophones are not used anymore, this updated gramophone features Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM radio, MP3 recording and also a functioning turntable. This way, you can get the look you want and also have a modern, functional stereo.

Janeway’s quarters were also filled with plants. Getting a few house plants for your Star Trek bedroom is a good idea.

4. Lighting is key

Photo courtesy of Angie’s List

The various ships portrayed in Star Trek are very futuristic and high tech. A common theme you can see across many of the decorative schemes is futuristic lighting. Luckily, this type of lighting is actually trending right now in general – not just for the sake of a Star Trek theme. This effect is seen most notably in Gabriel Lorca’s captain’s quarters from Star Trek: Discovery.

There are plenty of ambient, futuristic lighting options on the market today and you should consider installing some in your new Star Trek bedroom. Lights like this LED sconce from ALLMODERN or this LED flexible strip that can be placed anywhere can act as the finishing touch that ties the futuristic vibe of the whole room together.

Header Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

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